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Our website contains cookies. Below you find information on how cookies are used and how you can opt out from them.

What is a cookie?

Under the Electronic Communications Act (2003:389), all visitors to a website with cookies must be informed on their existence and purpose and how to avoid them.

A cookie is a small text file containing data and stored on the visitor’s computer. It is normally used to improve the website for users. There are two kinds of cookies:

One kind saves a file on the visitor’s computer which remains there. As an example the cookie is used to adapt a website to the visitor's wishes, choices and interests.

The other kind is the so called session cookie. That one is temporary saved on the visitor's computer while he or she is surfing on a site. Session cookies disappear when you close your browser. The visitor's personal data such as name or e-mail address are not saved.

Both types of cookies are used on our website. When you visit the site a session cookie is sent between your computer and our web server to facilitate navigation. The cookie disappears once you have completed the visit. Our statistical tools uses the other kind of cookie that remains on the computer.

If you do not accept cookies, please change the settings in your web browser’s security settings. You can choose to let the browser warn you each time a cookie is going to be sent or you can opt to turn off all cookies.

General information about cookies and the Electronic Communications Act can be found on the Swedish Post and Telecom Authority’s website External link, opens in new window..

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